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Gluten Free Menu

We've been proudly serving Gluten Free Pizza since 2012 - and we've used what we've learnt since then to create our first fully Gluten Free Menu. Check out our classic Gluten Free Pizzas, as well as new favourites like our Hot Chocolate Brownie.

Our  pizzas and the processes involved in preparing them have been checked by Coeliac UK and verified through annual audits. The  symbol denotes gluten free foods that contain gluten at a level no more than 20 parts per million.


Food Allergies – Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that any of our food is 100% allergen free.

We cook up a storm, preparing all of our delicious food in the same place; so there’s a risk of cross contamination with allergens, especially milk as we use lots of dairy cheese. If you’re one of our guests with a food allergy, please check our Dietary Information Booklet, and consider carefully whether you dine with us.