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Our History

The first Pizza Hut Restaurant in the UK opened in Islington over 40 years ago to a pizza craving nation and now, there are 10,000 of us working in over 260 restaurants up and down the country, serving 3 million guests a month!


Say hello to the Hut

Bringing the British some of that scrumptious pizza action.



The 1980s brought us great music, amazing hair and computer games. Most importantly, Pan Pizza was introduced.


We have lift off

It wasn’t just the space shuttle that started launching regularly in the ‘80s. We were opening an average of one restaurant each week in the UK.


Get stuffed

Maybe the best year of the 20th century as Stuffed Crust was launched in the UK.



As cool Britannia peaked something very cool happened when Pan Pizza was re-launched as Grand Pan.


End of the century

We had a busy time before the Millennium as the Italian Pizza launched in the UK served by over 400 restaurants, employing 14,000 people.


A legend is born

What better way to mark a new decade than by introducing The Edge: a thin Pizza with toppings all the way round the edge?


Big and American

Loads of our customers NY and so we launched The Big New Yorker.


Savour the moment

Cheesy Bites was launched at a Pizza Hut that now had 697 restaurants in the UK, with 154 franchise stores.


We bought Godfather's Pizza in Ireland with 28 stores.

We also launched our Pepperoni Stuffed Crust & Garlic Crust pizzas, larger 4 for ALL and a new range of Tuscani pastas in the UK.


Pepperoni Stuffed Crust and Garlic Stuffed Crust were launched!

Plus a larger 4 for all and a range of Tuscani Pizzas in the UK!


Doing it for the kids

Families across the UK loved the launched our Kids Eat Free offer. We also raised over £150,000 for the World Food Programme, a United Nations charity that supports the fight against hunger across the world.


Salad days

In a fit of generosity not appreciated by the accounts department, we decided to offer free, unlimited trips to our world famous Salad Station. Slimmers were also celebrating as we launched our under 500cal Pizza Pizzetta.


By Royal appointment

Crown Crust pizza was launched to celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee. Our first ever Gluten free pizza also appeared on the menu to the delight of many.


Getting our edge back

We celebrated our 40th birthday by bringing back the Edge. And we ordered a bigger birthday cake after being bought by Rutland Partners, a leading investment company in the UK.


Launch of the Cheeseburger Pizza

Just here for a short time, but a good time!


Glamming it up

We started a MASSIVE refurbishment programme and, even if we say so ourselves, we never looked better.


Setting the UK free

We realised that other pizza restaurants were all getting a little dull and ‘samey’. That’s why we launched ‘Taste Freedom’ at Pizza Hut.


Happy hour

Two of the best things in the world were combined as we introduced cocktails to pizza at our Huts. Cheers everyone!


Crowning glory

Just take a look at that cheese pull…

We’ve reclaimed our status as the King of Pizza. It’s just a pleasure to serve…


What's next?

Watch this space...