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Do students get discounts at Pizza Hut?

No-one deserves a pizza treat more than students. Especially after what feels like endless assignments, neverending group work and countless late nights. With our 20% Student Discount, available Sunday to Thursday, if you need a well-deserved treat or a pizza ‘pick-me-up’, your local Hut has got it covered. 


Student discounts at Pizza Hut

Forget having to waste any precious brainpower figuring out where you’re going to get your next student meal after a long, hard day. With a visit to your local Hut, the perks are endless; no dishes to wash and you can indulge in all the crustiness and cheesy-ness that you heart desires. It’s time to grab a slice of that foodie happiness that everyone deserves.

Whether you’re halfway through an assignment, just had the moment of glory after submitting one, or have simply had a long day at college, a Pizza Hut meal is the top student meal around. To top it all off, we know you students love a good deal. Simply display a valid photographic student ID card when paying for the bill and you’ll enjoy 20% student discount, ensuring that your treat doesn’t break the bank!  

Here are our top reasons for treating yourself to a Pizza Hut student meal.


Top reasons for enjoying a Pizza Hut student meal

  • Well-deserved flat bonding session
  • Mid-day study escape – food for thought
  • Before heading out on the town!


Well deserved flat bonding session

 You know it... the perfect bonding session always revolves around some foodie delights and friendships are only really strengthened when you’ve broken the food sharing boundary. So why not grab a few mates and head to the Hut for some first-class student meal ideas?

Got vegans or gluten-frees in the clan? No need to worry; your nearest Pizza Hut has everyone covered. Our Vegan Menu and Gluten-free menu offer a superb range of choices to leave all tummies satisfied!

Grab a couple of pizzas, pastas and some sides and let the good times roll. This is when friendships are really made!

Mid-day study escape

Sometimes all that’s needed is some timeout from your laptop and a brief escape from the essays. With a simple trip to your local Hut, our menu is full of quick meals perfectly suited for students.

Whether it’s a BBQ fix you’re craving, our BBQ Jack ‘N’ Cheese and BBQ Americano will provide you with that well-deserved food for thought; recharging your brain cells in readiness to get that essay head back in gear.

Visiting during the day? Our student discount is not the only perk your local Hut has ready and waiting. Our Unlimited Lunch Buffet is now available 7 days a week until 3pm, which is the perfect excuse to refuel those brain cells.

Heading out on the town

We all know the best nights out are the spontaneous ones. Go out for a meal, grab a few drinks and suddenly you’re full-blown bashing the moves out on the dance floor! At your local Hut, we sure know how to get you in the party mood. Why not kick the night off with a bang by enjoying 20% off your food and have a few drinks and a natter in brilliant company?


Pizza Hut’s student discount

The next time you’re struggling for student meal ideas, a social meal or stuck with your head in your hands at the desk. Just remember your 20% student discount is ready and waiting!

 Why not find your nearest Hut? And bring your mates down today!

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