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Disabled Facilities

Pizza Hut welcomes customers with disabilities

At Pizza Hut we pride ourselves on delivering great service to all of our customers, including customers with disabilities. The vast majority of our restaurants, both old and new, meet the modern standards recommended within the UK for providing a service to persons with a disability. Please use our 'Hut Finder' restaurant locator (tab above) to find details on our facilities for customers with disabilities. In the event that the full range of facilities is not available, this website is able to provide information about alternative arrangements that are available at other Pizza Huts nearby. If you wish to clarify any aspect of the service available, please telephone the restaurant itself, where a member of our management will be happy to provide further advice for you.


Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) Statement

Pizza Hut is continually striving to exceed their customers' expectations - whether they have disabilities or not. This extends to the way in which the company is complying with the Disability Discrimination Act 1995.


Physical environment

During our ongoing refurbishment programme we have improved our physical environments, giving better wheelchair access, more easily accessible and often additional toilets and general facilities. New buildings and extensions to existing premises always comply with current best practice. We have also conducted access assessments and have been working towards making other reasonable physical alterations as required. We do however have a number of properties, particularly older buildings (including some which are Listed or have other constraints) where this is an ongoing challenge. We are working with the relevant authorities to resolve such issues as soon as it is reasonably possible for us to do so. If this is simply not economically or operationally sensible, we have put in place policies and procedures to ensure we meet our customers' needs and do all that is reasonable to comply with the Act.



We recognise that it is not merely physical barriers that can cause difficulties for our customers. Our employees have been trained, as part of their basic training, to understand the challenges customers with disabilities may face and so they can ensure their needs are met. This is an ongoing process and will continue to evolve and develop as we strive to meet our own ever-higher standards.



Through our Pizza Hut website, we aim to inform our guests of facilities that are in place, as well as detailing any physical barriers or facilities which are not available for any reason. Our website, will provide information on the access and facilities at all our wholly owned sites.


Continual improvement

With an extensive and diverse property portfolio it is a challenge to ensure that all facilities are at the same standard at the same point in time. Our approach is to make improvements progressively and to ensure that when we do make changes to a property it is appropriate for the needs of all our guests with disabilities. Inevitably this will mean that some services may be less accessible than others in the shorter term, but it is important that we use our resources to achieve the best possible results for the whole range of the disabled community.



This information should assist you in understanding our strategy and the action we have taken in relation to our premises and staff training. We also hope that if you are a guest with a disability you will recognise that we are committed to assisting you as much as possible. However, if you have any queries or wish to highlight any aspect of our services that are not meeting your needs, please contact our Customer Services on 0208-732-9384.



The following principles have been adopted by Pizza Hut:

1. New acquisitions will be assessed for compliance and, if required, a plan put in place to upgrade them to our current standard. New premises will meet the needs of the disabled community - not only those who have mobility impairments or are wheelchair users, but also those who have learning disabilities, may be visually or hearing impaired or have other conditions which may make it difficult to use our services.

2. We have completed Access assessments of our premises where we are solely responsible and have instigated significant improvements to a vast proportion of our property portfolio. Plans are in place for addressing outstanding properties, which tend to be listed buildings or those that are more difficult to adapt. We will work with our partners at sites where there is a joint responsibility.

3. We ensure that our employees are appropriately trained in the needs of our disabled customers, including ensuring that they are aware of the needs for emergency escape in the case of fire.

4. We will ensure menus can be understood by providing either Braille or large print menus, or someone to read them if requested. At selected service points reserved parking, level access to our premises and the like will be provided, wherever reasonable.

5. Where possible we will ensure that a fully accessible toilet is provided. If such facilities cannot be made available, we will ensure that our staff provides advice on entry to the restaurant.

6. We will ensure that our facilities, and any restrictions, at all our premises are communicated via our website,

7. We will monitor our performance by extending our mystery guest programme and incorporate DDA compliance checks into our established review processes to evaluate service levels to customers with disabilities and take action to address any areas that we believe are inadequate.